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Staff Parish

Staff Pastor Parish Relations:

With the end of summer approaching, recent rains have brought back to life our lawns. Our church seems to have renewed life with the addition of Pastor Scott and his wife Judy. They have awesome visions of what this church can accomplish and where we can go if we all work together. They need our help and support. Any ideas we can share with them will be openly accepted. They also want to hear whatever concerns you may have. 

Our next scheduled SPPR meeting is September 20th. At that time we will begin making preparations for our Annual Charge Conference. Remember as always we want to hear about any issues you may have about the church and staff. Nothing is too little to listen to. Remember little things can be like weeds, they have the ability to become big in a hurry.

May God Bless and fill you with abundance,

Mitch Glover”SPPR Chairperson